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The redder, the better

If you’re here to learn about baboon butts (big, red, catcher’s-mitt-looking ones), then you’ve come to the right place. What you don’t know is that baboon butts have a story and rich history that you would never learn just by scratching the surface.


Outdoor Advertising

Male baboons butts are for premium seating, but female butts... they’re a message. This guy on the right knows what’s up (clearly a connoisseur of ruby red rears). He knows the lady-baboon with the biggest, reddest butt is saying she’s the most fertile and the best choice for a partner.


Strategy implemented

When hefty haunches first made the scene, male baboons went wild and took greater risks to compete for the brightest of bottoms. Ladies who were less lucious, unfortunately, got left out. Over time, the genes for baboon booty pop prevailed, and rosy rumps went from trend to necessity.


Branding Love

So what have we learned? Those that strive to stand out and flaunt their assets excel. Don’t hide your brand’s light under a bushel: let it shine for the world to see. Partner yourself with an agency who has a firm grasp on how to present your message in a meaningful way that will really get a rise out of your audience.


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